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6 of the Biggest Values to Find During Restaurant Week

Charleston has so many incredible chefs and one benefit of Charleston Restaurant Week is sampling their cuisine while finding some tremendous value!

A three-course meal at some Charleston fine dining restaurants might be reserved for special occasions. But during Restaurant Week, you can enjoy three courses for $25 or $35!

There is value to be found everywhere, but here are just some examples of the kinds of meals you might expect during a typical week compared to the value that you can find Jan. 28 – Feb. 2.  


  1. Noah’s Restaurant & Lounge

Noah’s is joining Charleston Restaurant Week for the first time in 2019 and “we’re excited” is an understatement. Your average Noah’s meal may run as follows:

Starter – shrimp bruschetta $12

Entrée – Chilean sea bass $32

Dessert – fresh made cinnamon ice cream $10

Total — $54

Restaurant Week — $35


  1. Laury’s

No need to save Laury’s for your birthday. Go ahead and experience the perfection of Otis Laury during Restaurant Week. Your average Laury’s meal may run as follows:

Starter – oysters Rockefeller $15

Entrée – 9 oz filet $40

Dessert – triple chocolate mousse cake $9

Total – $64

Restaurant Week — $35


  1. Bridge Road Bistro

Go ahead and venture up the Hill and we promise that you won’t be disappointed. Previous Restaurant Week menus have been incredible. Your average meal may run:

Starter – Angelo’s sausage stuffed peppers $12

Entrée – seared sea scallops $36

Dessert – Riesling poached pear cake $10

Total — $58

Restaurant Week — $35


  1. The Chop House

The Chop House allows you to experience incredible cuts at a great value during Restaurant Week. An average meal may be:

Starter – lobster bisque $12

Entrée – 8 oz. filet $41

Dessert – chocolate cake $10

Total – $63

Restaurant Week – $35


  1. Bistro at the Barge

Fine dining on the top level of the Barge is even more fun during Restaurant Week. This is the perfect opportunity to try them out if you haven’t already. Average menu:

Starter – shrimp cocktail $14

Entrée – Magret duck breast $38

Dessert – blueberry cheesecake $11

Total – $63

Restaurant Week – $35


  1. Soho’s at Capitol Market

There’s nothing like a cozy dinner at Soho’s for a taste of elevated Italian and Restaurant Week is the perfect time to visit. An average meal may be:

Starter – classic antipasta $14

Entrée – bourbon sriracha salmon and shrimp $26

Dessert – bread pudding $9

Total — $49

Restaurant Week — $35