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These 6 restaurants are perfect for Family Night

Charleston Restaurant Week is the perfect opportunity for a night out with your partner or friends sans kids (and that’s totally fine!), but what about the other 5 nights of the Week that you can’t get a sitter? Thanks to the new lower price point option for this year’s Restaurant Week, there are plans in place for a number of family-friendly restaurants to join. Remember that while the restaurant may offer a special menu, you can always order off of their normal menu as well. Just be prepared to share your dessert.


Josh Saul/Bridge Road Bistro


  1. Bridge Road Bistro

Just for fancy adults? Not quite! Recently, Bistro revamped their kids menu with a great selection of delicious options for kids including 10 main dish options and 5 side dish options. Take the kids and let them feel a little bit fancy.


  1. Gonzoburger

Gonzo offers a menu for “lighter appetites” – perfect for a hungry child. From a Junior Gonzo burger to grilled cheese, there are many options that please the most difficult critics. Plus, they’ll love the soft pretzel appetizer.


  1. Black Sheep Burritos & Brews

Not only does Black Sheep have the perfect atmosphere for kids, but they also match atmosphere with tasty offerings. Your little ones can choose from a taco, quesadilla, or chips and cheese. What’s not to love and gobble up?! They also have lemonade ready to accompany.


  1. Tidewater Grill

The Charleston classic will pull your kids in with…the rolls. Then, if you have a more adventurous little one, they can spring for kids fish and chips, salmon or popcorn shrimp. Too adventurous? They still offer an array of other options, all with side and drink.


  1. Dem 2 Brothers & a Grill

While you enjoy some of the most incredible BBQ, the kids can enjoy a hot dog, BBQ, or bologna sandwich with a mouthwatering side of mac n cheese, green beans or corn on the cob. Or, who are we kidding? They’re going to just want all of the mac n cheese.  


  1. Leonoro’s

Leonoro’s understands family and how pasta, cheese and bread really do bring people together. Enjoy your elevated Italian dish while the kids get exactly what they want – some pasta with cheese. They also won’t say no to the spumoni ice cream.


What are some of your other favorite children’s menus in Charleston? Share with us @cwrestweek!